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High performance requires great people and the battle for the best is heating up again. Hiring the right people is a challenging prospect and a significant responsibility for many business owners. More often than not, it is a task that cannot be delayed or delegated. The wrong hire can be very costly, affecting productivity and adversely impacting the bottom line.

A successful hire will depend on a clear definition of the need for the position, issues it is expected to resolve, necessary competencies and how success will be measured. A well-conceived search strategy and an action plan is then required to fill the role.

Top talent is a company’s most significant competitive advantage. They are the nimble and the quick, key strategic assets, in an ongoing war to defeat rivals, increase market share and profits.

Star performers have numerous choices and high expectations. Ambitious and smart, they are attracted to firms which offer opportunities for growth, reward performance, invest in professional development, skills enhancement and employee engagement initiatives.

External help from a professional recruiting firm may be necessary, in some situations, to fill roles which have an impact on company performance and financial outcomes. The firm can assist in defining the right competencies, casting a wider net to find the right people and in evaluating them.

That’s where we come in.

We are generalists with specific skills. We know successful hires are a product of careful research. It starts with a very clear understanding of the need for the position, defining key competencies, knowing where to search, conducting effective interviews, checking references and designing compensation packages.

Our work is not over until the right candidate becomes a successful hire.

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