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-Gabriel Echavarria, Chairman and Director, Consejo Corporativo, Corona S.A Organization in "WHO: The A Method for Hiring"

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We start by learning as much as we can about your future plans, ambitions, experience, abilities, credentials and your interest in a career move. It is a valuable investment of time from our point of view. We want you to capitalize on your talents and exploit your maximum potential.

The opportunities we present will be relevant and align with your professional aspirations. We will discuss the requirements, expectations and how your background will contribute to our client’s success.

We will talk about the prospects and the challenges facing our clients, what keeps them up at night, the purpose of the role, situations you may face on a regular basis and what your future colleagues feel are essential skills. We will also tell you how your success will be measured at the end of your first year.

Additionally, we will guide you throughout the interaction with our clients and help you prepare for interviews, access current information about their company, its people, culture, markets, products, history and growth plans.

Changing careers can be stressful. We will help you gain the comfort you need by ensuring you receive answers to the questions which will be material to your decision making. You will then be able to decide if the role is right for you.

Good communication is a fundamental aspect of our relationship with you. We will promptly respond to your calls and keep you informed about the progress with your candidacy.

When you are selected as the successful candidate we will assist in negotiating the employment offer, strive to ensure you feel adequately compensated in your new position and satisfied with the total rewards package.

Providing you with constructive client feedback is an integral part of our process. It will help you resolve issues, put your best foot forward and perform at a higher level.

As you continue in your new role we will follow your progress with interest.

We want to stay connected because we sincerely value your feedback, opinions and ideas. It keeps us focused.

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