We are a Western Canadian recruiting firm with a talent for finding great people who become successful hires

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-Morton Mandel, former Chairman and CEO, Premier Industrial Corporation


We focus carefully on your people needs and help you make successful hires which fill that need. Your company’s performance and your success depends on the capabilities of the people around you.

Hiring mistakes are costly, can sometimes range up to five times the employee’s salary and adversely impact the bottom line. They can be prevented.

A successful search results from trusting relationships and teamwork between a recruiting firm and its client. Although we bring substantial value to the process, no one knows more about the role and about your company than you do.

We invest considerable time and effort in understanding your requirements for the position, issues it is expected to resolve and how success will be measured.

We work diligently to learn about the existing competencies within your company and how they can effectively complement a hire.

The hunt for the right person begins as soon as we have all the facts.

We conduct multiple interviews which build on each other. We assess candidates according to a scorecard which defines the role and outlines the competencies. We focus on those whose experiences and accomplishments closely match the requirements and the culture that will surround them. That’s when we will present them to you.

Our work is not over until the right candidate becomes a successful hire.

Why choose us?

Our goal is to help you find the right people who can effectively do the work and generate the financial performance you anticipate.

We are wary of traditional approaches to recruiting. We ask tough questions and probe deeply for answers. At the end of the day, the right people and innovation will help you grow the value of your business.

We love our work. We never bite-off more than we can chew. We are deeply committed to your success. We have a talent for finding great people who become successful hires.

Choose us if you are looking for a firm that will give you its undivided attention and the guidance to help you make good people decisions.

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