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-Jim Collins, Bestselling author "Good to Great"

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High performance requires great people. We are committed to attracting the most capable talent for our clients. It provides them with a strategic asset and a competitive advantage.

The pool of qualified candidates with appropriate experience, is finite and in high demand. We believe a directly targeted and personal approach will attract the right person.

We begin the process by learning as much as we can about your business, its history, people, strategic objectives, markets, products, competitors, culture and values.

The next step is to thoroughly understand the purpose for the role, what’s expected, its challenges, the business environment and its impact on the job, situations the new employee may be faced with on a regular basis and what coworkers feel are essential skills.

We will help develop a candidate profile that is tailored to the unique requirements of the position. The carefully crafted document will include a description of the role, the industry, responsibilities, technical competencies, qualifications, primary success factors, personal attributes, compatibility and fit.

It starts the rigorous process of researching, approaching, meeting with highly qualified candidates and identifying a short list of applicants.

We will encourage you to invite other decision makers within your company to interview selected candidates. This process will enable you to more prudently arrive at the right decision. We will also help in evaluating their strengths and ranking them according to your preference.

At this stage, we proceed with reference checks and assist in successfully negotiating an offer with the chosen candidate.

We will discuss total compensation for the role, performance incentives and the variables that will affect them with you. We will also look at the factors which will determine success at the end of the first year.

Our clients benefit from the variety of our engagements and from the real-time, ongoing experiences they provide us.

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